About Our Company

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Business & Financial:

At First Commercial Capital Corp. we have an international staff at your disposal. Attorneys, Accountants, Investment bankers, Forex traders, etc. All of them with a long term experience and specialization, with the knowledge to intelligently decipher what tools are best for you, and what will enhance and secure your growth in this rapidly changing business world. The key to both our success is using the right people on the right job for all our clients. An unbeatable team to serve your best interest.


At your service:

First commercial is ready with a multitude of fresh solutions for you and your business to maintain steady financial growth and innovative ideas to keep your company ahead of the curve in today’s business world. At First Commercial Capital Corp. we are equipped with technical training tools, seminars and one to one clear and concise training guides that will enhance your knowledge and make your financial and business decisions easier and more confident. Our approach of training and fresh solutions gives all our clients the peace of mind they expect in business.


The sky is the limit:

At First Commercial we understand the aspect of solving problems that will arise from personal finance to big corporate business entanglement. We are always poised and ready to tackle all sorts of problems with head on and creative problem solving techniques.

We understand the simplest to the most complex situations that may arise in the business world today. Our expert staff takes an in-depth hands on approach in problem situations because it is now when our clients need us most.

We have all the resources and skills to meet any problem and to deal with it accordingly. You can be assured that First Commercial Corp has prided itself on keeping our clients satisfied because of our dedication to solve problems swiftly and effectively when they arise.

Building together for Tomorrow!

First Commercial Capital is a Global financial leader in management, entrepreneurial client/business exploration and business planning, for individuals, small to large companies, institutions and corporations. With offices globally we are constantly working for our clients in non-stop worldwide market.

First Commercial Capital has three core businesses –

Global private clients, Global Market & Investment and First Commercial Global entrepreneurial lookout; – offering a range of services for private clients, small businesses, institutions, corporations, and financial intermediaries.

As an investment manager, our company is a leader in global strategies to corporations, institutions and individuals worldwide. 

First Commercial Capital is one of the leaders in managing financial assets, along with exploring new business opportunities for our clients worldwide while preserving their assets for the future.